Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Somewhat Healthy Snacks

After school fruit platter

So we've had some issues around a certain indulgent father giving his daughters treats after school on a regular basis. My position is they aren't "treats" if they get them on a regular basis. Last week I put my foot down and said "NO AFTER SCHOOL CANDY. BRING THOSE GIRLS STRAIGHT HOME FOR A HEALTHY SNACK." But a friend of mine returned a piece of tupperware filled with some pre-halloween treats, so I incorporated them into my fruit platter. A compromise of sorts. It's been a bad couple of weeks on the sugar front, what with those irresistible chocolate mint girl guide cookies to be sold (much easier to eat them ourselves than sell them) and then Halloween. This week I will attempt to restore the balance.


Happy Farmer said...

Spoil sport ! Dads are supposed to be indulgent !

MiraCom said...

Do you take requests? I would like a "what I made" "what they ate" school lunch box entry. Perhaps you could take a picture of the lunch going out, and what comes back - More often than I care to admit, the two to look virtually identical in my household (what I made: a delightfully nutritious and thoughtfully prepared lunch; what they ate: air).

Rebecca said...

ok - I'm going to do it! Monday morning!