Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Packed Lunch Edition, part 2

There you have it - the fruit came back (half a kiwi, and all the mango). Also half of the plain cream cheese bagel. Typical. The lovely sandwich packs are locally made - I got them at a stall at the South Park Family festival in September, but after a google search I discovered that they are also available at this Etsy shop. I think I'm going to order the snack packs next, and cut back even further on the dreaded ziplock bags.

Supper tonight: Spanish Rice with Beef and Steamed Broccoli

This recipe came from my mother-in-law and was a hit all around. Although the youngest (Captain Impossible) initially resisted ("why you make something YUCKY? I want wackawoni cheese."), we stood firm on the no supper-no dessert stand and he eventually ate his entire portion, even admitting that it was yummy, while still trying to avoid the more visible chunks of tomato. Like most other parents out there, I've read the literature and know that we aren't supposed to use dessert as a bribe, but I'm sorry, it really works. Tonight, for instance, there were rice crispie squares (and grapes!) on offer. Sam and Lily had helped make the squares (I am becoming more patient when it comes to letting children assist in the kitchen) so they knew about them, and I like to think of it more as an incentive than a bribe -which is all that was needed, because it really was good kid-friendly food, they just needed to get over the hump of seeing something new on their plates.

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sarah said...

I gave up making lunches as soon as the kids were old enough to make their own, as seeing what came back was quite depressing. One lunch that did go over well, especially with A. was a baked (well, nuked) potato, stuffed with cheese which I sent wrapped in a tea towel