Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I know the subtitle says "what I made", but for those of you following my other blog, you may recall my devotion to daidoko. Two days ago I stopped in at this wonderful Japanese style deli. I was early enough (11.45) that I got the full selection (they only make a certain number of servings and when it's gone, it's gone, and they close shop). So for your viewing pleasure... my lunch on Tuesday:

Going clockwise from the top (my photo doesn't quite do it justice but I wanted to get a bit of the driftwood counter in): Grilled Rockfish with sweet miso sauce on potato salad with organic cucumber, a serving of organic kale and kobu dressed with sesame and almond cream and a serving of organic kabocha squash, roasted red pepper cha-mane with smoked paprika and roasted garlic oil. These descriptions were copied directly from the display counter - I don't know what is meant by cha-mane. Or if I got it right. But it was delicious. They use all local foods, mostly organic and this meal cost me a grand total of 7$. So my invitation is out: if anyone wants to come visit, I'll take you out to daidoko for lunch. But only on a weekday (they're closed on weekends). I wanted to take photos of the place itself, but I didn't want to bother all the other customers with the incessant click clicking of my camera. You'll just have to come see it for yourselves. A little piece of food paradise.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lasagna Bolognese

Appy - Veggies and Holy Hummus

Mains - Leaky Lasagna

Supper was too late for the good light tonight - please excuse the photo. The lasagna was a hit with 3.5/5. The youngest child still prefers his pasta without sauce, so I cut up the leftover lasagna noodles and rolled them in the ricotta filling bowl and that is what he had. The second youngest child ate half her serving, somewhat reluctantly, but she had filled up on veggies and dip before. Everyone else enjoyed it despite the fact that the sauce was a bit too liquid. (This was because it was such a nice day that rather than letting it simmer for an hour I just let it sit while we hit the beach.)
Leftover Birthday Treats

Pumpkin Cranberry Cake and cupcakes left over from a little birthday party we had yesterday for a certain 4 yr.old. We actually had fruit for dessert tonight, but since my camera battery was dead when I tried to take pictures at the party I thought I'd include the treats in today's post.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mild Chicken Curry with Basmati and Peas

Welcome to my food blog! I've called it Feeding Five, as there are five members in my immediate family, however often not all five of us eat what I make. Tonight, for instance, there was a definite anti-curry faction. And apparently everyone has gone off frozen peas. I can't blame them, but I needed something green on the plate and it was all I had on hand. I've begun testing for the casserole book so it gives me a reason to put things on the table that otherwise wouldn't be welcome. I'm not going to post recipes on this blog, but if you like the look of something leave me a note and I'll tell you which of my books to buy (just kidding- I'll be happy to forward any requested recipes!)