Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spaghetti Squash

I made this last night - roasted spaghetti squash with a quick tomato and onion sauté on top. Supper was bangers and mash, but I don't really need this particular meal as often as the rest of the family, so I decided it was a good night to use up the squash from our organic box. The eldest child has gone off spuds so she had squash with me and everyone was happy. Yes, there are some black specks in the sauce - that would be my burnt onion. I do miss my gas stove. But while I seem to burn things more often with the electric stove, at least I have the hood fan now, so I'm not setting off the smoke detector as much.

Last Friday night I tried to order pizza but nobody was answering the phone at Domino's, so I decided to make homemade. The kids prefer putting on their own toppings anyway. I was a little out of practice, having been on a homemade pizza hiatus since the book, but it all came back quickly and now I'm a born again pizza maker. Above you have mine (pesto, feta, fresh tomato and olives) and the middle child's (tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami and olives).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coq au Vin

I had to include the romantically entwined carrots in my photo. It was the right weather for this kind of meal, and everyone enjoyed it (though once again it took some persuading the youngest). I used white wine instead of the Burgundy called for in the recipe, thinking it would be more child-friendly, and strategically avoided most of the mushrooms when doling out the kids' portions. We had it with leftover garlic roasted potatoes from Sunday night. Tomorrow we'll have leftovers, I think, so perhaps I'll devote some attention to my other blog. (Or work - there's a thought!). The Packed Lunch Edition made me and my parents reminisce about the days when my father would pack our lunches, and a catastrophic experiment involving taramasalata on raisin bread. My father was our school principal so I think my brother and I joined forces and marched into the office at lunchtime to declare the sandwiches inedible. Please feel free to share, if you have the inclination, your favourite or least favourite packed lunch item.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Packed Lunch Edition, part 2

There you have it - the fruit came back (half a kiwi, and all the mango). Also half of the plain cream cheese bagel. Typical. The lovely sandwich packs are locally made - I got them at a stall at the South Park Family festival in September, but after a google search I discovered that they are also available at this Etsy shop. I think I'm going to order the snack packs next, and cut back even further on the dreaded ziplock bags.

Supper tonight: Spanish Rice with Beef and Steamed Broccoli

This recipe came from my mother-in-law and was a hit all around. Although the youngest (Captain Impossible) initially resisted ("why you make something YUCKY? I want wackawoni cheese."), we stood firm on the no supper-no dessert stand and he eventually ate his entire portion, even admitting that it was yummy, while still trying to avoid the more visible chunks of tomato. Like most other parents out there, I've read the literature and know that we aren't supposed to use dessert as a bribe, but I'm sorry, it really works. Tonight, for instance, there were rice crispie squares (and grapes!) on offer. Sam and Lily had helped make the squares (I am becoming more patient when it comes to letting children assist in the kitchen) so they knew about them, and I like to think of it more as an incentive than a bribe -which is all that was needed, because it really was good kid-friendly food, they just needed to get over the hump of seeing something new on their plates.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Packed Lunch Edition, part 1

For those who missed the comments on my last post, I'm responding to a request for an honest portrayal of what gets sent to school in the lunch box and what comes home. I'm having some technical difficulties today, so although I managed, in my pre-coffee state, to locate camera and take pictures of the lunch boxes this morning, I have been unable to upload any photos. Help! I wish I wasn't so technologically challenged. I'm off to the mac shop for guidance tomorrow (several tech troubles arose after I updated with the iLife '08 software). In the meantime, two descriptions. For Lily: bagel with cream cheese, bag o' pirate booty (healthier version of cheetos), kiwi, apple juice and a cheese stick. For Alex: bagel with cream cheese and lox (I've discovered the cheaper "lox trimmings" option), bag o' ritz bits (leftover from Halloween), a cheese stick, apple juice and a few pieces of dried mango. My packed lunches tend to be a bit heavier on the carbs as I find that most fruit or vegetables sent to school tend to come home uneaten and bruised. It drives me crazy. Rather than fighting this reality, I avoid it by getting their fruit and veg in at other times of day (fruit with breakfast and after school, veggie and hummus plate before supper, and veg with supper). I think the lunches will go down well today - Lily has started helping assemble her lunches, which has definitely improved their success, but we'll see. Photographic evidence will be supplied as soon as the computer is sorted out.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Somewhat Healthy Snacks

After school fruit platter

So we've had some issues around a certain indulgent father giving his daughters treats after school on a regular basis. My position is they aren't "treats" if they get them on a regular basis. Last week I put my foot down and said "NO AFTER SCHOOL CANDY. BRING THOSE GIRLS STRAIGHT HOME FOR A HEALTHY SNACK." But a friend of mine returned a piece of tupperware filled with some pre-halloween treats, so I incorporated them into my fruit platter. A compromise of sorts. It's been a bad couple of weeks on the sugar front, what with those irresistible chocolate mint girl guide cookies to be sold (much easier to eat them ourselves than sell them) and then Halloween. This week I will attempt to restore the balance.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I know the subtitle says "what I made", but for those of you following my other blog, you may recall my devotion to daidoko. Two days ago I stopped in at this wonderful Japanese style deli. I was early enough (11.45) that I got the full selection (they only make a certain number of servings and when it's gone, it's gone, and they close shop). So for your viewing pleasure... my lunch on Tuesday:

Going clockwise from the top (my photo doesn't quite do it justice but I wanted to get a bit of the driftwood counter in): Grilled Rockfish with sweet miso sauce on potato salad with organic cucumber, a serving of organic kale and kobu dressed with sesame and almond cream and a serving of organic kabocha squash, roasted red pepper cha-mane with smoked paprika and roasted garlic oil. These descriptions were copied directly from the display counter - I don't know what is meant by cha-mane. Or if I got it right. But it was delicious. They use all local foods, mostly organic and this meal cost me a grand total of 7$. So my invitation is out: if anyone wants to come visit, I'll take you out to daidoko for lunch. But only on a weekday (they're closed on weekends). I wanted to take photos of the place itself, but I didn't want to bother all the other customers with the incessant click clicking of my camera. You'll just have to come see it for yourselves. A little piece of food paradise.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lasagna Bolognese

Appy - Veggies and Holy Hummus

Mains - Leaky Lasagna

Supper was too late for the good light tonight - please excuse the photo. The lasagna was a hit with 3.5/5. The youngest child still prefers his pasta without sauce, so I cut up the leftover lasagna noodles and rolled them in the ricotta filling bowl and that is what he had. The second youngest child ate half her serving, somewhat reluctantly, but she had filled up on veggies and dip before. Everyone else enjoyed it despite the fact that the sauce was a bit too liquid. (This was because it was such a nice day that rather than letting it simmer for an hour I just let it sit while we hit the beach.)
Leftover Birthday Treats

Pumpkin Cranberry Cake and cupcakes left over from a little birthday party we had yesterday for a certain 4 yr.old. We actually had fruit for dessert tonight, but since my camera battery was dead when I tried to take pictures at the party I thought I'd include the treats in today's post.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mild Chicken Curry with Basmati and Peas

Welcome to my food blog! I've called it Feeding Five, as there are five members in my immediate family, however often not all five of us eat what I make. Tonight, for instance, there was a definite anti-curry faction. And apparently everyone has gone off frozen peas. I can't blame them, but I needed something green on the plate and it was all I had on hand. I've begun testing for the casserole book so it gives me a reason to put things on the table that otherwise wouldn't be welcome. I'm not going to post recipes on this blog, but if you like the look of something leave me a note and I'll tell you which of my books to buy (just kidding- I'll be happy to forward any requested recipes!)