Monday, November 10, 2008

The Packed Lunch Edition, part 1

For those who missed the comments on my last post, I'm responding to a request for an honest portrayal of what gets sent to school in the lunch box and what comes home. I'm having some technical difficulties today, so although I managed, in my pre-coffee state, to locate camera and take pictures of the lunch boxes this morning, I have been unable to upload any photos. Help! I wish I wasn't so technologically challenged. I'm off to the mac shop for guidance tomorrow (several tech troubles arose after I updated with the iLife '08 software). In the meantime, two descriptions. For Lily: bagel with cream cheese, bag o' pirate booty (healthier version of cheetos), kiwi, apple juice and a cheese stick. For Alex: bagel with cream cheese and lox (I've discovered the cheaper "lox trimmings" option), bag o' ritz bits (leftover from Halloween), a cheese stick, apple juice and a few pieces of dried mango. My packed lunches tend to be a bit heavier on the carbs as I find that most fruit or vegetables sent to school tend to come home uneaten and bruised. It drives me crazy. Rather than fighting this reality, I avoid it by getting their fruit and veg in at other times of day (fruit with breakfast and after school, veggie and hummus plate before supper, and veg with supper). I think the lunches will go down well today - Lily has started helping assemble her lunches, which has definitely improved their success, but we'll see. Photographic evidence will be supplied as soon as the computer is sorted out.

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Mira said...

What lovely sandwich bags - where can we get some?