Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coq au Vin

I had to include the romantically entwined carrots in my photo. It was the right weather for this kind of meal, and everyone enjoyed it (though once again it took some persuading the youngest). I used white wine instead of the Burgundy called for in the recipe, thinking it would be more child-friendly, and strategically avoided most of the mushrooms when doling out the kids' portions. We had it with leftover garlic roasted potatoes from Sunday night. Tomorrow we'll have leftovers, I think, so perhaps I'll devote some attention to my other blog. (Or work - there's a thought!). The Packed Lunch Edition made me and my parents reminisce about the days when my father would pack our lunches, and a catastrophic experiment involving taramasalata on raisin bread. My father was our school principal so I think my brother and I joined forces and marched into the office at lunchtime to declare the sandwiches inedible. Please feel free to share, if you have the inclination, your favourite or least favourite packed lunch item.

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Mira said...

Your lunchbox story brings back my own memories of being ridiculed for my peanut-butter and lettuce sandwiches that I brought to school in grade 2. I never did understand why this combination was met with such horror by my peers. Mama used iceburg lettuce, so it gave the sandwich a nice refreshing crunch and broke up the stickiness of the nut-butter. I might consider making it for my kids if nuts weren't verboten in the schools.

I like to think that there is more of an "anything goes" attitude to school lunches these days (Jamie Oliver might disagree). My kids' friends seem to bring all manner of things for lunch -It reminds me of an episode of the the children's cartoon based on the Rosemary Wells characters - in which Yoko (the Japanese cat) is mercilessly teased for bringing sushi to lunch. My kids were baffled by this episode ... sushi is a major lunch box staple here on the Westcoast!